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Upgrade with uplighting! It’s a great way to enhance the look of your wedding reception venue. Check out these examples, and keep scrolling for more details.

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Benefits of Uplighting

  • Dramatically upgrade your reception space with your choice of colors.
    • Compliment the room’s existing look
    • Reinforce the color of your wedding theme
    • Create a “warmer” or “cooler” atmosphere
    • Kick-up the party atmosphere by a few notches!
  • Add to your DJ contract: No need to shop around for a separate vendor and deal with more paperwork!

Wireless Uplighting: Why it matters

Wireless uplighting offers much more flexibility than older, wired units. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Wp? ireless uplights can be placed anywhere to create the best possible enhancement for your venue
    • Old lights: Had to be placed near power outlets, sometimes limiting placement options
  • Wireless uplights offer more than 16.5 million color choices
    • Old lights: Only 1 million color choices
  • Wireless uplights can be used at ANY venue, even party tents for outdoor receptions!
    • Old lights: Outdoor use was impossible due to need to run extension cords all over the tent
Uplighting for this outdoor reception wouldn't have been possible with the older, wired uplights - at least not without dozens of unsightly (and dangerous) extension cords... but it was a breeze with wireless uplights!
Uplighting for this outdoor reception wouldn’t have been possible with the older, wired uplights – at least not without dozens of unsightly (and dangerous) extension cords… but it was a breeze with wireless uplights!

These professional-grade lights have built-in batteries capable of running at least 10 hours, which is more than enough to cover virtually any wedding reception.

How much will it cost?

All prices are found on my DJ Pricing List page.

Not sure yet? No pressure… decide anytime!

My uplights are mine and mine alone — I never loan or rent them out to anyone else. If you aren’t sure if you want uplighting when you first book your DJ services, that’s fine. You can always add the lights later… you never have to worry about “missing out” because they got rented out for another party. Once you’ve booked me for DJ services, these lights will always be available for your event date.

Add Uplighting to Your DJ Services Contract

If you haven’t contacted me at all yet, just complete my Quote Request Form. You’ll be asked about uplighting there.

If you’ve already contacted me, you have my email address — just shoot me a message!

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