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Next steps for Alfred Angelo clients

Alfred Angelo Update: They’re Done

Many brides nationwide have been waiting to learn what’s next after the sudden closure of Alfred Angelo Bridal.  A statement issued July 17 included contact info for a “trustee.”  But a new statement released August 3 is bad news for many AAB customers. In this “breaking news” edition of Peter’s Pointers, what Alfred Angelo’s bankruptcy filing means for you and how I’m helping brides affected by the bankruptcy.

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5 Wedding Day Schedule Traps to Avoid

Peter’s Pointers: 5 Wedding Day Schedule Traps to Avoid

If your wedding day runs behind schedule, it can cause you stress. Delays can annoy antsy guests. Delays could even cost you money.  From the DJ booth, I’ve observed most delays boil down to 5 reasons. Fortunately, you can avoid these if you ask the right questions and plan accordingly! [ More » ] Home