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5 Wedding Day Schedule Traps to Avoid

Peter’s Pointers: 5 Wedding Day Delays to Avoid

There are lots of moving parts on a wedding day… and running behind schedule can cause you stress. If nothing else, delays could cost you money. From the DJ booth, I’ve observed most delays boil down to 5 reasons… but luckily, these potential problems can be avoided with some planning! [ More » ]

Survey Says: Save Money with Peter Naughton

You’ll definitely save money by hiring me to DJ your wedding reception. But don’t take my word for it: recently surveyed nearly 18,000 U.S. couples who got married in 2015. On average, those couples paid $1171 for their DJ. My rates start at $1000 for four hours of service. Even if you add extra time or uplighting to your event, you could still save money compared to the national average! [ More » ]

Wedding Insurance: Is It Worth It?

Even though I got married just a few months ago, a recent newspaper article shed light on a topic my wife and I hadn’t discussed in our own wedding planning: wedding insurance.  Believe it or not, there are insurance companies which will protect the investments you make in preparing for your wedding day.  But is a policy really worthwhile, or would you be better off spending the money on something else? [ More » ]

Questioning My Relatively Low Pricing?

Many books or websites that offer advice on planning weddings or other large gatherings echo the same advice: you get what you pay for.  They say that you should expect to pay a lot for a “good” DJ, as those offering really low prices usually aren’t that good.  In many cases that’s correct.  But here’s a few reasons I’m able to provide a quality presentation without charging as much as some of the other DJs out there. [ More » ]

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