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How many songs can we request?

You can request as many songs as you like! But remember why you’re hiring a professional DJ — to read the crowd and keep people dancing.  If I’m restricted to a specific list of songs, I won’t have much “wiggle room” to change things up in the rare event the crowd isn’t into your selections.

The “must play” list can include up to 10 songs will definitely play at some point during open dance floor time. (Special dances like your first dance and parent dances don’t count toward that 10; we’re just talking about the songs I’ll play when we open up the floor to everyone.)

The “nice to have” list allows for unlimited requests, but these are songs you wouldn’t “miss” if any of them didn’t play.  I still try to play as many as possible… but I’d have the freedom to “drop” any of these songs if we don’t have enough time to play them all, or if the dance floor crowd wants to take things in another direction.

That being said, this my professional opinion on what works best, but if you don’t agree and would prefer more control over the playlist, let me know what you have in mind. Home