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Do ALL your events have to appear on your blog?

Not necessarily.  Nearly all of my clients have graciously allowed me to shoot photos/video for my blog and social media, but this is not a “requirement.”  My standard contract includes a clause granting me permission to shoot/use photos and videos, but I am open to discussing requests to limit or remove the clause entirely, if desired.

For the most part, I share photos and videos because future hopeful customers want to see how I operate as a DJ before they book me.  But since I can’t invite them to other people’s weddings in-person, photos and videos are the next best thing.

However, I understand some couples prefer to have an “unplugged” wedding, where guests aren’t allowed to take pictures.  Whether you don’t want any pictures, or you want your pro shooter to be the only person in the room with a camera, I’d be happy to respect your wishes.  Just let me know! Home