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Need a wedding DJ?  You’ve come to the right place!  With several years of Wedding DJ experience, built upon more than a decade of radio and television broadcasting, I can offer a personable and engaging presentation as an emcee, without taking the spotlight away from the real stars of the day — you, the newlyweds!

Wedding DJ Peter Naughton With a decent chunk of that broadcasting career spent working in radio and TV newsrooms, attention to detail — a key element in ensuring a smoothly-executed wedding reception — is second nature for me.

Another plus: when you book me, you get me.  I personally handle everything from responding to your initial inquiry and pre-event planning, right through day-of equipment set-up, doing the actual DJ’ing, and then packing-up all the gear at the end of the night.

My reputation is on the line every time I DJ an event, so I make sure every event gets the utmost attention and effort.  While I could make myself available to book two or even three events per weekend, I value quality over quantity.  That’s why I only book one event per weekend.

But you don’t have to take my word for it — check out the dozens of reviews previous clients have written over the years.

Simple, Stress-Free Booking Saves You Time!

I’m married, so I know how hectic things can get when you’re trying to plan a wedding on top of careers and other everyday routines.  As a result, I try to keep my booking process as simple and stress-free as possible.  In a nutshell:

  • Check my calendar to see if I’m available for your wedding date.
  • Request a Quote and I’ll respond within 48 hours (usually sooner).
  • Consultation — My rates include two live consultations to discuss your big day.  The first is offered as a “no obligation freebie” if you’d like to chat before making any decisions.  We can meet in-person, arrange a phone call, or a Skype videoconference — your choice!.
  • Lock In Your Date — To provide undivided attention to each event, I book just one event per weekend.  Your signed contract and a retainer of $500 (which is applied toward your total contract) will “lock-in” your wedding date.  Once you’re officially booked, anyone else interested in any date that same weekend will be turned away.
  • Consultation #2 — Closer to your wedding day, we’ll discuss your itinerary, song requests and other details.
  • Enjoy your wedding day!  This is the fun part — just show up and have a great time that you’ll remember for years to come!

Next Steps: Pricing and Booking

All wedding bookings include at least four hours of performance, complete with dance floor lighting.  My Price List Page lists exactly what else is included, and how much it’ll cost if you’d like to add extras like more time, uplighting and so forth.  Whether you’re ready to book or you’d just like some more info, please contact me.

Video Clips

Check out a sample of wedding party introductions, and see all the “behind the scenes” set-up work that begins well before your guests start arriving at the venue.

Wedding Party Intro Video #1 – One song clip for all the parents, then different song clips for each couple (or in some cases, each group) of the wedding party.  Each song has been custom-edited to include part of the song’s vocals, along with an instrumental section I can announce over.

Wedding Party Intro Video #2 – Clients requested a different song for each couple in the wedding party.  Again, since we’ll only hear a few seconds of each song, it doesn’t make sense to just play each song as-is. I edited each song ahead of time to accommodate the announcements.

Wedding Party Intro Video #3 – This one was recorded just a week after the previous video.  For this wedding, the clients requested only two songs — one for the parents and one for the rest of the wedding party.  Again, the songs are custom-edited… but a slightly different approach this time.  Since multiple couples were being introduced with each song, I started with a hook, then put together an extended talkover bed that’s long enough to introduce all the couples.  A quick transition between songs when needed, and technically that second song (MKTO) is a really, really long donut with hooks at the beginning and the end.  But since it’s impossible to tell exactly how long it would take everyone to walk out, I had the “closer” as a separate clip.  You’ll see me reaching over to the computer to have it fade into that closing piece as I announce the bride and groom.

Wedding Party Intro Sample #4 – This clip from June 2018 has just one song — “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen — but I did quite a bit of editing beforehand. The song starts off the same as the original; I announce the start of the wedding party intros, over the song’s 5-second intro. That times right up to the song’s opening vocal line. After that point, the original song doesn’t have many points where it’s possible to talk without stepping on the song’s vocals. So, I found and bought Queen’s original “backing track” version of the song (I wish more artists made those available!) and picked out a few instrumental sections where the beats matched up, so they could be looped over and over. I had the song’s original intro go into this loop, which allowed me to introduce each couple of the wedding party at any time — without having to worry about trying to get my announcements to match with the few “holes” between vocals in the original song. When the bride and groom came out, I crossfaded to a custom-edited “closer” which was actually the final 25 or 30 seconds of the original song. I picked a spot that would allow me a few seconds to say “and now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…” just as it goes into a short vocal line, then a 4-second “window” for me to announce “…the newlyweds, Natalie and Matt!” before it went into the next vocal. I then played out the rest of the song as-is, so the couple could walk out, enjoy their applause, and then take a breath or two before their first dance.

Wedding Party Intro Sample #5 – This clip is a couple years older.  For this wedding, the newlyweds requested just one song for the entire wedding party.  No complex song editing — this is just another sample of my emcee/announcing style.

Wedding Setup Timelapse: For anyone who thinks the DJ just shows up and presses “play” for 4 hours, there’s a lot more to it than that.  To demonstrate, I once set-up a video camera to record the set-up process.  Afterward, I sped-up the video so you can see 90 minutes of work in just 90 seconds.

Wedding Setup Timelapse 2:  Similar concept as the above video, but this time, the video camera is a GoPro attached to a hat I was wearing, so you can see everything from my perspective.  (If you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to skip this one.)

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