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Here are my current discounts. These are subject to change at any time. Request a quote now to lock-in these discounts for 30 days, even if they disappear from this page in the meantime.

2018 Black Friday Deal: 24 Wireless Uplights for the Price of 12!

Black Friday 2018 deal: uplighting at Peter Naughton Syracuse Wedding DJEnhance the look of your wedding reception space with slick, wireless uplighting!  For a very limited time, save $199 by snagging 24 wireless uplights for the price of 12!  This deal is good from Black Friday, through Small Business Saturday, to the end of Cyber Monday!

Terms and Conditions

  • NEW CUSTOMERS: those who have not yet signed a contract for DJ services
    • Deal is only offered as part of a complete wedding DJ contract. Uplighting is not available as a “standalone” service.
    • Must request a quote by 11:59pm Eastern on November 26, 2018 by completing the DJ Services Inquiry FormMust mention the Black Friday deal in the “any questions or concerns” space near the end of the form.
    • Quote will be sent to you via email.  Quote — and this discount — are good for 30 days from the date issued.
    • Must officially book wedding DJ services (sign contract and pay $200 retainer) before quote expires or else discount is forfeited.
    • Yes, this discount can be combined with the social media deal below!
  • EXISTING CUSTOMERS: those who have already signed a contract for DJ services
    • Customers who have NOT already added uplighting to your contract must email Peter Naughton by 11:59pm Eastern on November 26, 2018 to request this deal.
    • Customers who already have uplighting on their contract:
      • This discount cannot be combined with other uplighting-specific discounts.  If you already have another uplighting-related discount on your contract (such as the discount cards distributed at bridal shows), you are not eligible for this discount.
      • If you do NOT have any uplighting-related discounts on your contract, email Peter Naughton by by 11:59pm Eastern on November 26, 2018 to request this deal.


Save Up to $50… Just “Like” That!

Get up to $50 off DJ services for your event and stay up-to-date with Peter Naughton Productions just for liking/following Peter’s accounts on the top social media platforms. (And you could benefit from additional discounts, occasionally announced on these platforms!)

Save $10: Like DJ Peter Naughton on Facebook
Save $10: Follow DJ Peter Naughton on Instagram
Save $10: Follow DJ Peter Naughton on Twitter
Save $10: Follow DJ Peter Naughton on Pinterest
Save $50 total if you like ALL FOUR social media channels

Terms and Conditions of These Discounts

  1. Save $50 off DJ services for liking or following DJ Peter Naughton on all four social media platforms above.  Or, save $10 each for three or fewer platforms.
  2. Likes/follows must be made by at least one person listed as customer on DJ Services contract.
  3. Discounts will be granted once DJ Peter Naughton can verify your likes/follows by finding your name on the followers list for each account.  See “Facebook Note” below.
  4. Likes/follows must remain intact through your DJ Services Contract Event Date or discount may be revoked.
  5. To claim the discount: The Quote Request Form will ask you which feed(s) you’ve liked/followed.  You can check the box(es) there, or notify DJ Peter Naughton via email at any point before you sign your contract to claim your discount.  Once your contract is signed, this discount cannot be added or enhanced.
  6. Keep an eye on your social media accounts!  I’ve been known to occasionally offer additional discounts which can be combined with this one — but you’ve gotta catch ’em before they disappear!

Facebook Note

DJ Peter Naughton won’t see you on the list of people who’ve liked his Facebook Page if your “Who can see the people, Pages and lists I follow” privacy setting is set to anything other than Public.  But don’t change your privacy settings just to save ten bucks!  Instead, just send in a screenshot showing that you’re logged into Facebook and that you’ve liked the page. Home